We recently had a requirement to show the "Paypal sale id" in one of the reports and i have been searching the database table where it is showed and unable to find it.Can someone please let me know to which table that i need to look for it.

I have already searched sales_flat_order_payment & sales_flat_order table and didn't find any thing.

Below is the attached image and i need the Paypal Sale ID ,I'm able to get Paypal Execution ID .ANy suggestions will be of great help.

enter image description here

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I would expect that to the the paypal transaction ID. That could be found in:

  • last_trans_id or additional_information (JSON) in sales_order_payment
  • comment in sales_order_status_history
  • txn_id in sales_payment_transaction

If not the transaction_id then I would expect it in a similar place.

Update I realise this is magento 2 I've referenced, sorry I do not know Mangeto 1 but I still hope this helps

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