If an input is in focus or has a value, I want to add a class to all inputs parent .field div. For example on the product page review form or on the checkout page shipping form. If the input is in focus I would add an "active" class and if the input has a value I would add the class "hasavalue."

When I try to use jquery, nothing happens on the product page review form inputs or on the checkout page inputs.

Here's the jquery I am using:



    $('.field input').focus(function () {
    }).blur(function () {

    $('.field input').blur(function(){

        if ( $(this).val() ) {
        } else{



Do I need to use knockout? If so, how can I translate this simple jquery to work with all inputs in Magento?

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try this:

function() { 
var spinner = $(this),
 input = spinner.find('input[type="your inpur type"]'); 

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