I'm trying to translate the string items from app/design/frontend/<Vendor>/<theme>/Magento_Checkout/templates/cart/minicart.phtml without success.

I have a dictionary already created in app/design/frontend/<Vendor>/<theme>/i18n/es_ES.csv and I tried collecting all the strings using:

php bin/magento i18n:collect-phrases --output="app/design/frontend/<Vendor>/<theme>/i18n/es_ES.csv"

The .csv file doesn't collect the string for the translation. What am I missing?


  • Please check mobecls.com/working-mini-cart-magento-2 – Sumit Sep 9 '19 at 10:02
  • what part you are trying to translate? – Oscprofessionals Sep 9 '19 at 11:44
  • In the image above items string in line 27 @oscprofessionals – inodna Sep 9 '19 at 11:49
  • Are you trying to change item names. Item names are coming from data base and product admin interface data and not controlled by translation csv file.If we missed something please do elaborate further so that we can comment. – Oscprofessionals Sep 9 '19 at 11:53

Didn't find the correct way to translate strings from pub/static/frontend/<Vendor>/<theme>/es_ES/js-translation.json so I decided to try the inline translation tool and it works like a charm. Hope I can save time and effor to some.

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