I am using Magento and when I create a new order from the Admin Panel, the system (admin side) is sending the same email twice, both of them exactly the same.

According to the solution from this link : New order email being sent twice

I looked in the database on tables:

core_email_queue_recipients and core_email_queue, both are empty, and I ran the following queries:

DELETE FROM core_email_queue_recipients WHERE message_id NOT IN (SELECT message_id FROM core_email_queue);

DELETE FROM core_email_queue_recipients WHERE recipient_id < (SELECT recipient_id FROM (SELECT recipient_id FROM core_email_queue_recipients ORDER BY message_id ASC, recipient_id DESC LIMIT 1) AS r);

ALTER TABLE core_email_queue_recipients ADD FOREIGN KEY(message_id) REFERENCES core_email_queue(message_id) ON DELETE CASCADE;

After executing the above queries, 2 identical emails are still being sent twice.

Any other advise?

Many Thanks, Lior

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