We have run into a problem recently on our Magento 2.3.1 store.

When trying to save a product on the backend, the loading screen runs forever (or until the SQL sever gives up). It comes with a "false" validation when running the validation. But no errors popup. Not sure if this is a validation error or if it's a database error.

I need help to debug the validation function, and see if there is something there. I spent a few hours browsing the files, but I think it will take me a lot more to figure out how to properly debug all the attributes. I don't see where the validate function is being called as a whole. I need to see a list of all the errors it comes up with.

The SQL that gets stuck on the server and that runs forever even when I try to run manually on the server is:

SELECT product_table.*, product_table.entity_id FROMcatalog_product_entity AS product_table LEFT JOIN catalog_product_entity_int AS status_global_attr ON status_global_attr.attribute_id = 97 AND status_global_attr.store_id = 0 LEFT JOIN catalog_product_entity_int AS status_attr ON status_attr.attribute_id = 97 AND status_attr.store_id = 2 WHERE (product_table.entity_id IN('101990')) AND (IFNULL(status_attr.value, status_global_attr.value) = 2)

We have a multistore setup, that amounts to about 700000 products. Full Indexing takes 1 hour and still works.

I'm stuck. :/

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