How to make a dynamic PDF easily while sending an email with this PDF attachment using Zend_Pdf because of this type of code

 $page->drawText(__("Image"), $x + 60, $this->y-10, 'UTF-8');
 $page->drawText(__("Sku"), $x + 200, $this->y-10, 'UTF-8');
 $page->drawText(__("Name"), $x + 310, $this->y-10, 'UTF-8');

It is very complicated. how to convert this in a table format?

Or can we call phtml while making PDF file?

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It is indeed one of the most time consuming and complicated tasks in Magento (since v1)

I believe this dompdf library could help if still in the beginning (no hard-constraint about making it exactly like before) or in a refactor phase.

Credits & How to use : https://magento.stackexchange.com/a/354980/51034

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