I have a custom API whose response message is in English. I wanted to convert it to french language when it reaches the frontend. e.g now my API is sending a message as:

if (!strcmp($gcode,$giftcode)) {
         $result['message']='Gift card already redeemed';
         echo json_encode($result);

My backend is Magento 2(English) and the frontend is in Vue Js storefront (French language).

I have used some built-in APIs also, so how can I change their language.

Or the language will be changed by Vue Js storefront when any API (built-in, custom) response is received. Or it should be handled in the backend (Magento 2)?

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First you need to change 'Gift card already redeemed' to __('Gift card already redeemed') then you need to add store code before /V1/rest e.g


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