I had scan the site with PCI scan. But it is failed and its score is 7.8. Following are the scan results of PCI scan:

Title: Script Src Integrity Check

Synopsis: Report external script resources not using integrity.

Impact: The remote host may be vulnerable to payment entry data exfiltration due to javascript included from potentially untrusted and unverified third parties script src. If the host is controlled by a 3rd party, ensure that the 3rd party is PCI DSS compliant.

Resolution: Set script integrity checking on target script or remove target script.

Data recieved: example.com/media/js/90a8720cd608ccab8eaf40398 728caf8.js Attributes : - type : text/javascript - src :

I can generate the integrity hash for single script by running following command: cat jquery.js | openssl dgst -sha384 -binary | openssl base64 -A

My question is - How I can set the script integrity for the merged file like below: example.com/media/js/90a8720cd608ccab8eaf40398 728caf8.js

I have merged the JS and CSS files in Magento. I want to set the script integrity for the merged js file.

Thank you.

  • Can you please elaborate it more? – Sumit Sep 4 at 11:13
  • I have updated the question. Let me know if you need more details. – Arun-systematix Sep 5 at 9:49

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