I wanted to do some minor changes to the minicart in Magento 2.3. So I copied




and it didn't work. I cleared the file and just added "blah". I then cleared the caches, the indexes, ran setup:upgrade and setup:static-content:deploy -f. Deleted var/page_cache/* and pub/static/. No changes

So I left it because I had enough other things to do, and now, a week later, I see that the minicart only displays "blah".

So I changed the files content to what they needed to be, but now it won't pick up any changes again. I've read all topics on this regard, but no solution yet. What am I missing?!

  • You have to delete content.html file from =>pub/static/frontend/MyCompany/MyTheme/en_US/Magento_Checkout/template/minicart` and reload page again. Changes are applied. – Savan Patel Sep 3 at 13:19
  • Yeah you'd think so. But as I wrote I (also) deleted the complete pub/static/* folder, including those files, and those files specifically; still no changes.. – Alex Timmer Sep 3 at 13:21
  • have to deploy static file using command => php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f – Savan Patel Sep 3 at 13:22
  • I did, still no changes... – Alex Timmer Sep 3 at 13:26
  • C'mon, I'm no idiot ;) I did that. – Alex Timmer Sep 3 at 13:28

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