How can one modify the FROM in select query without losing the left joins innerJoin etc... ? as I have tried:

$collection->getSelect()->reset(\Zend_Db_Select::FROM)->from('table_2') but then I've lost all the leftjoin concat etc...


  • As you using reset on from then leftjoin will be lost. You have to add all of them again – Amit Bera Sep 3 '19 at 12:01
  • @AmitBera crap that's not quite what I expected it would do but it is what it is! – Juliano Vargas Sep 3 '19 at 13:00
  • @AmitBera I must have been doing something wrong check out my answer it works! – Juliano Vargas Sep 3 '19 at 15:08
  • thanks.i was wrong . Thanks for correction – Amit Bera Sep 3 '19 at 15:20

This works for me :

->getSelect()->reset(\Zend_Db_Select::FROM)->from(array('main_table' => 'table_2'));

I think I was doing something wrong as the above also needs the alias set and now it works!.

  • You have to add table_2 alise.greats. New thing, i learn :) – Amit Bera Sep 3 '19 at 15:21

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