I am having problem while uploading bulk products.

Let suppose I am uploading 3 products having SKU following:




While uploading my slugify function convert the first SKU to SFP-10G-AOC1-5M-AO, second to SFP-10G-AOC1-5M-AO and third to SFP-10G-AOC1-5M-AO.

At the end i am having error of same SKU. Can it handle in Magento?


A stock-keeping unit (SKU) is an alphanumeric code that identifies a product and helps you track inventory for your retail business. You can create SKU numbers manually or using inventory management or point-of-sale (POS) software.

SKU numbers are unique to each store and allow the store to keep track of each item in inventory. SKU numbers can be anything you want to be but are most often about 8 alpha-numeric digits

try with different skus

or add as it is and change it after uploading

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