Im having trouble finding the way to make some product images look better as they look dull and not sharp at all. I believe this has to do with the image compression code in Magento1. I've realized it is quite a common issue as I found a lot of answers (all similar to each other) on this topic.

I've tried ->setQuality(100) in the catalog/product/list.phtml file but didnt work. I also tried setting the property $_quality to 100 in Magento/Catalog/Model/Product/Image.php but didnt work either.

I'm running out of ideas as most of the answers I found are several years old.

Can anyone help?

  • Did you try to use Imagemagick? magento.stackexchange.com/questions/126123/… – Ledian Hymetllari Sep 2 at 11:43
  • mmm...no. Sorry I should've mentioned I'm very new to PHP and Magento. What do you mean with Image? – user82684 Sep 2 at 11:45
  • This is a library which is used for images. Magento 1 use gd and imagemagick, so check if your server has installed image magick and select image magic option from magento 1 admin – Ledian Hymetllari Sep 2 at 11:47
  • Oh yeah...I have tried that too. I couldn't get it to work. Yes, we use both Gd2 and Imagemagick...but still doesnt work. Im losing my mind. – user82684 Sep 2 at 11:50

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