Store Requirements

Admin Panel Restriction

  • Admin Panel Store Wise
  • Admin Dashboard Store Wise
  • User Permissions and Resources control Different Admin panel views store wise


  • Customers Management Store Wise


  • Orders Store Wise
  • Invoice Store Wise
  • Shipments Store Wise
  • Credit Memos, Billing Agreements, Transactions Store Wise

Catalog Products: -

  • Categories Store Wise
  • Products and it's Attributes Listing Store Wise
  • Catalog Qty (inventory) Management at the store level.
  • Pricing Management at the store level

Store Configuration:

  • Different Front Store View
  • Store with Its Configuration (General and other settings as well)
  • Different tax classes
  • Different (base) currencies
  • Different payment options
  • Different shipping options
  • Different extensions options

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