How to uninstall or remove a theme using the command line In Magento 2.

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You can use this command

magento theme:uninstall

You can also define a theme path like below, you can add --backup-code to take backup

magento theme:uninstall frontend/Magento/blank --backup-code

You can Remove themes from the theme database table.

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Use this below command :

magento theme:uninstall [--backup-code] [-c|--clear-static-content] {theme path} ... {theme path}


  • {theme path} is the relative path to the theme, starting with the area name. For example, the path to the Blank theme supplied with Magento 2 is frontend/Magento/blank.
  • --backup-code backs up the Magento 2 codebase as discussed in the paragraphs that follow.
  • --clear-static-content cleans generated static view files, which is necessary to cause static view files to display properly.

For more referece : click here

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Please Follow below Magento manual for uninstalling a theme



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