When I set up a price rule on our website putting "Free Shipping" as the action doesn't do anything but I know the rule is matching with the products because if I give a discount instead the discount shows up.

Using "Free Shipping" as an action works on our testing site which has the same plugins, code, and server configuration. So it's a setting or error in the database but I can't find anything different between the two.

Things tried:

  • Reindexing and clearing cache doesn't work.
  • Nothing is in the error logs.
  • Enabling the free shipping shipping method doesn't work (and isn't active on the test site that's working).
  • Setting other shopping cart rules to lower priority and turning on "Stop further rule testing" doesn't work.

My action Code:

Here's my Action code

The frontend estimate:

Free shipping on frontend

The same rule with a discount as the action (showing that the rule is triggering correctly):

discount working

It working on our testing site:

Working on testing

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