I am using below link code but getting following error, the link code is use to update shipping method after coupon code is applied


I am getting following error

enter image description here

According, to me it is due to

//address.trigger_reload = new Date().getTime();
  • We had same issue with this on 2.2.6 version Cant say for sure why this is happening, but we ended up removing this line address.trigger_reload = new Date().getTime(); For us everything else worked fine without this line that supposed to trick magento into thinking that address has changed. – Macas Oct 16 '19 at 11:53

i resolve this error with this code:

                 ], function (quote, rateRegistry) {
                        var address = quote.shippingAddress();                          
                        rateRegistry.set(address.getKey(), null);
                        rateRegistry.set(address.getCacheKey(), null);
                        address.trigger_reload = new Date().getTime();

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