I need to migrate my magento 2 EE to CE. I have found many posts regarding this but all of them are of Magento 1. Can anyone please suggest how to do this for Magento 2?

Thanks in advance.

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Magento does not provide downgrade like EE to CE. Support only

- EE to EE

- CE to EE

- CE to CE


First step is to change the package requirement in the composer.json, then after the composer update, you will facing the real issue: the database structure.. (this post should help you: https://blog.magepsycho.com/migrate-downgrade-magento-2-from-enterprise-to-community-edition/)

So I've started to work on SQL script to convert EE schema to CE schema.

Feel free to contribute but it's already a good start: https://github.com/thomas-kl1/magento2-downgrade-ee-ce

There is also this tool: https://github.com/hoangnm89/m2-query-ee-to-ce/blob/master/db-ee-to-ce.sql which just fix the schema without removing the extra tables.

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