I have developed an extension in magento 2.2.6. Now i am upgrade this in magento 2.3.1 but I am facing 1 issue.

In my phtml file $block->method() is called 1 time after cache:clean.

When I refresh the page second time then $block->method() execution does not reach in method body. I have done testing by writing die(); in method body and also return preview loaded data.

And now I am write cacheable="false" for block in layout file, then it works like 2.2.6. i.e on every refresh $block->method() read execution in method body.

I don't understand why need cache:clean on every refresh if don't use cacheable="false" .

And what is the best practice for this? May I use cacheable="false" or section.xml?

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cacheable="false" means you have made your block cache lifetime 0 means the cache is not generated for that Block. That is very bad for site speed Up.

Most importance disadvantage of cacheable="false" is that If you make any block of a page cacheable="false" that means that Page fully Non-cachable

See that Magento Main architect Anton Kril post https://magento.stackexchange.com/a/134444/4564

That why Magento Custom account pages/Checkout/Cart Page is not cacheable.

Where, section.xml is a different concept using this private content of specific to individual users, it’s reasonable to handle it on the client (i.e., web browser).


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