Let's say i want to use different template files on storeID 3.

The modules frontend folder is: checkout

If the storeID is equal to 3 I want Magento to use customcheckout instead.

Is there a way of achieving this, without rewriting or copying the whole module from app/code and renaming all the things?

I have been looking at layout handles and i got it to render both layouts, yet i could not remove the original "checkout" files.

  • You could possibly unset the block you want to change and reset it before the page is rendered – Dava Gordon Aug 29 at 11:18
  • How would you recommend to do it? With a observer? – Andreas Therkildsen Aug 29 at 11:18
  • yes would be best way to do that id recommend controller_action_layout_load_before – Dava Gordon Aug 29 at 11:20
  • How would you unset the current layout and reset the new one? I had success with: $update = Mage::getSingleton('core/layout')->getUpdate(); $update->addHandle('mycustomhadnle_danish'); How would you unset the 'checkout_handle'? – Andreas Therkildsen Aug 29 at 11:47
  • please read webkul.com/blog/ways-to-create-unset-blocks-in-magento as a reference to setting and unsetting blocks – Dava Gordon Aug 29 at 11:51

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