I want to update product attribute input type from dropdown to multiselect but only there are three option available (dropdown, text swatch and visual swatch).

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I have searched for that and found only custom script for specific attribute input type's update. Anyone have an idea for that if we can do by magento files for enabling all options always.

  • @Amit Bera, Can you please suggest for this.
    – Ravi Varma
    Commented Aug 29, 2019 at 8:15

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Ravi, instead of doing a lot of code.

The best idea to follow the below process:

  1. Export a Product Csv from Magento export/Import section with column store, website,SKU,yourDropattribute
  2. Create a new attribute of multi-select type and assign same options of current dropdown attribute
  3. Assign this new attribute to the same attributes set which drop-down attribute.

  4. Now import your exported CSV with changes column yourDropattribute to yourNewMulitSelectAttribute.

  5. After import completed, changes switch attribute_code value between your old drop-down attribute and new multi-select at eav_attribute dATABASE table using MySQL query.

  6. After that Do the indexing commands line.

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