My site has 2 store views - English and Latvian.

Have generated 2(one for each store view) sitemaps in backend

Marketing->SEO & Search->Site map

Uploaded both to Google search console.

Site got indexed however the problem is that some of the links has 404 error. After checking it seems that it tried to access the link from wrong store view as it is accessible from English store view but not on Latvian. For Latvian the link is a bit different as the category url are translated for the store views. How can I fix it?

  • kindly check the naming convention by which you are calling this link ...normally 404 occurs when names are no matching like e.g phpmyadmin.com you want to call this and you are calling this as "phpmyadmin.com" correct but in backend this could be like "phpmyadmi.com" see "m" is missing – Asad Ullah Aug 28 '19 at 11:10

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