I have a custom collection I wanted to update a record. I want to do this as below:

foreach ($creditDetails as $Card) { 

        echo $Card->getRedeemAmount();
        echo $Card->getRedeemAmount();

but Card is not getting save. Initially it was working but I don't know what problem has occurred now. Please a suggest solution.

  • Is it working for you? – Rohan Hapani Aug 27 '19 at 6:14
  • yes by loading model it worked – Ajwad Syed Aug 27 '19 at 13:39

First of all, you should load your record which you want to update. Then, you can update record like this :

$creditDetailsObject = $this->creditDetailsFactory->create()->load(1); //Load particular data which you want to update
foreach ($creditDetails as $Card) { 
    $creditDetailsObject->setRedeemAmount(44); //set value in object which you want to update

You need to load model while updating data.

code as below:

foreach ($creditDetails as $Card) { 
        $cardModel = $this->cardFactory->create()->load($cardId);
  • In above code $this->cardFactory is your model factory you need to add dependency in construct
  • $cardId is your table primary key

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