We're looking to add a new 'product' to our Magento site - the ability to be able to order a recipe.

A 'recipe' is really just a collection of other products that we sell, grouped under a common heading; a 'recipe'.

For example; we might sell flour, chocolate chips, cocoa, milk, and eggs. A customer wants to order a plain cake, they order one 'recipe', made up of flour, milk, and eggs. Another customer wants a chocolate chip cake, they order one 'recipe' made up of flour, chocolate chips, cocoa, milk, and eggs.

I want this to come through from Magento grouped as one item that is configured/made up of the dynamic items required and their quantities ordered. For example you might order your flour by the KG and specify you want 1.5 units, which is equal to 1.5 kgs.

I want it grouped under one parent 'recipe' so that I know which recipe needs which ingredients for when we package and ship the recipe.

I want this to be able to support a variable length of products, you could only need 2 or 3, or you could need 20 (ideally I won't need to hardcode this).

I haven't found any core functionality to do this or a plugin as of yet that supports this. Is this possible in Magento 2, would I need to do this as a custom plugin or are you aware of existing plugins meeting this requirement?

There is a website doing something similar where you can specify products to add from a dropdown: selecting options for checkout

and when you add to cart and checkout it looks like this: cart with dynamic product

This example can be found here - https://www.kegland.com.au/grain-bill-maker.html. Ideally, I want something similar, I just don't want a fixed length of products you can specify and ideally you could edit each line making up the 'recipe' at checkout.

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