What exactly is the purpose of the "Catalog Product Rule" and "Catalog Rule Product" indexes?

Which functionalities do they cover?

I am just wondering, because there are often a lot of entries in the backlog of the indexer and we are not using any product rules within Magento that I know of.

Thus I am wondering if I can disable those indexes to make the indexer_update_all_views cron job a little faster.

Update --------------

As answered by Rakesh Donga, "Catalog Product Rule" are the Cart Price Rules and "Catalog Rule Product" are the Catalog Price Rules (awful naming though ;)).

Since we have not defined any such rules in our shop: why are there still so many entries to be indexed for the "Catalog Product Rule" index? Are there base rules that Magento always accounts for?

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Both "Catalog Product Rule" (catalogrule_product) and "Catalog Rule Product" (catalogrule_rule) indexers belongs to Catalog Price Rule functionality.

Table catalogrule_product_cl ("Catalog Product Rule" indexer change log table) is populated even You don't have defined any "Catalog Price Rule". This is because of mview implementation. In file vendor/magento/module-catalog-rule/etc/mview.xml You can see that catalogrule_product subscribes tables like catalog_product_entity, catalog_product_entity_datetime etc. This means that trigger is created in database that will add values to table catalogrule_product_cl if You change any value in table that is subscribed. This functionality works on database level. You can try it by manually change values in table catalog_product_entity_decimal. You will see that entries are added to catalogrule_product_cl table. After use command bin/magento indexer:status You can see that entries number in backlog of "Catalog Product Rule" indexer is increasing. I would like to mention that in backlog You see number of unique entity_id elements occuring in table catalogrule_product_cl from version_id defined in row catalogrule_product in table mview_state to last element.


Catalog Product Rule : This indexer creates and updates the created Shopping cart price rule set
Catalog Rule Product: This indexer creates and updates the created catalog price rule set

  • Hm, that does not really explain the difference though. What is a "shopping cart price rule set" and what is a "catalog price rule set"? // edit: ah found the information now, I'll update my question accordingly
    – fritzmg
    Commented Aug 23, 2019 at 8:52

Please find below my explanation for these 2.

catalogrule_rule - Catalog Product Rule (The reindex all the catalog rule "conditions", as soon as you update any condition like 10% discount or something, this needs to re-run)

catalogrule_product - Catalog Rule Product (If you update the product on which catalog rule will be applied)

I hope this helps.

  • The explanation is good. Thanks for sharing. Commented Aug 23, 2019 at 9:18
  • Yes, it answers the original question. It does not explain though, why there are indexing entries even though we have no rules defined whatsoever.
    – fritzmg
    Commented Aug 23, 2019 at 9:51

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