I want to override processingAddChild function from magento core file


i want to add a ajax call which will get triggered on click of processingAddChild function and data which is returned will be used to update the collection data, i tried modifying the addchild function but isn't working.

In below function i need update the collection and set one of properties with value from ajax.Please let me know if same can be achieved.

 addChild: function (data, index, prop) {
            var template = this.templates.record,

            index = index || _.isNumber(index) ? index : this.recordData().length;
            prop = prop || _.isNumber(prop) ? prop : index;

            _.extend(this.templates.record, {
                recordId: prop

            child = utils.template(template, {
                collection: this,
                index: index


            return this;

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