I'm now having 2 pages on Magento 2.3.2. - The 1st is to edit, update item data (not product). - The 2nd is to display item follows with ID.

The problem is whenever I update the data, the 2nd page only shows the old one due to Cache. Is there any line that I can add to my code to clear the 2nd full_page cache specified by ID after submit save in the 1st?

  1. I've heard of setting "cacheable = 'false'" in the layout file but it's totally not on point.
  2. Clearing cache by tag might be the solution but I now have no idea about its proper usage. In core vendor, I see it's used in Model but it's still ambiguous to me putting it in Controller or Block. (I've made some tries but no result)

Please help with particular steps of code. I shall update my question if there's anything unclear. Thank you very much in advance.

  • Have you got custom code, an external module or theme ? – Vinz Aug 22 at 13:46

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