I created a new Magento 2 module and followed the injection-based logger object creation.

protected $logger;
public function __construct(\Psr\Log\LoggerInterface $logger)

Now, when I log using this logger, I get it logged as module main. e.g.

[2019-08-22 10:42:02] main.INFO: message ...

I presume, the main is the root logger. How can I create my logger, so that instead of main, it will print my module name every time?

This is pretty standard practice in java to create a logger for the given class or package so that you can control the logging levels per package. I don't even want to control the level, at least this will help me grep for my messages in my log. How can I achieve this?


You can check my repo: CustomLog

Still facing any problem add comment.I will try to help you.

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  • This repo seems nice if I had to change the target file. I dont want to do that. I would prefer it goes to the system.log as is, but only want to change the prefix in every log. I am not sure how that portion is initialized. Any comment on that? – melchi Aug 26 '19 at 8:05

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