I want to create a shopping cart promotion but can not get it to work. What I need is that for a subset of products, when the total quantity in the cart is higher than 50, it should give a discount. I tried multiple promotions but somehow it always looks at the item quantity and not the total of all products.

Example of what is not working

Prmotion rule

No discount when the total is 50

Yes discount when one item has qty 50

  • Are they simple products? Or parts of configurable items? – Amasty Aug 15 '14 at 17:26

Try changing it so that the SKUs are all listed on a single line. You'll need to change "SKU is" to "SKU is one of" and separate each SKU with a comma and a space.

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I think you need to make a change to use Is one of when matching on SKU so that you make a set of SKUs that can match rather than multiple sku matches.

multiple sku matching

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