I wan't to know how to set a max length for the Qty field that is when you click a product (I guess it's product View) I tried to override the following template and set maxlength = "4" but did not work.


What template should I override or what item can I modify in the layout to allow just 4 digits in Qty field?


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What you're describing is a limitation of the html 5 element, not of Magento or your process. That is indeed the location you would need to change, and when I make the edit you described I see it on my front-end when I view source. The problem you're describing is that the input type "number" ignores maxlength.

There are solutions at this thread on regular stack overflow. I wouldn't recommend changing the field to text (although this would work) because it breaks the mobile experience. There are some simple javascript validation techniques described at that link.

  • Thank you! as you said it was because of the number type. I used js now it works Aug 22, 2019 at 13:58

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