I have a product that has Tax Class "Taxable Goods" on one website A but has Tax Class "None" on a website B. When I export it it comes out with 'tax_class_name' as 'Taxable Goods'. I was expecting it to export both values, one for site A and the other for site B.
I think it is giving the site A value because it's the default value. Is there any way to make it export both values?

  • If you didnt specify a filter you should get both values when exporting then just use excel to sort it – Dava Gordon Aug 22 at 6:53
  • I am only getting one value even when I don't specify a filter. – Meyer Auslander Aug 26 at 15:07
  • I was told (offline) by a Magento Solutions Specialist that this is a bug/feature of Magento: It does not export 'scoped values' (but it can import them). – Meyer Auslander Aug 28 at 20:23

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