While submitting an extension, it failed the Technical review, and the test reports show this error:

Command: Varnish PageCache Test

Output: Cannot update product price.


{\"messages\":{\"error\":[{\"code\":500,\"message\":\"Server internal error. See details in report api\\/1143348353039\"}]}}

From the above message, if am not wrong, am supposed to check in var/report/1273345462353 file but it's their store, their server. Not sure how to get more details about the bug.

Any inputs on how to debug/solve this will be appreciated, thanks in advance!

  • have you use productRepository or any other repository somewhere in your Module?? – Waqar Ali Aug 21 at 12:16
  • Sorry for the delay, but could you be more specific? no such repo named productRepository. – Neethu Mohandas Aug 26 at 12:58

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