I need a way of adding a group comment that is dynamic, as I need to pass the stores URL (it gets added as a return URL for a 3rd party service)

It seems like it used to be possible, using a model for the comment, but that is no longer possible due to the system.xsd and system_file.xsd schemas.

Is there a way to achieve this in Magento 2.3?

  • Have you tried using a model for the comment? And it doesn't work? – Dominic Xigen Aug 21 at 12:43
  • As stated, a model is not allowed in a comment that is a child of a group, due to the XSD schema. Currently, my work around it to use a comment on a field element, as that CAN use a model, which is annoying. – Paul Canning Aug 21 at 14:04

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