I'm having a trouble with my Magento 2 store. I need to clear all items of users carts programmatically.

If user don't purchase his cart, it'll be cleaned.

Do you have any idea of how can i do that?



Byron, I guess that you need to clear the Abandoned Carts from your system. As per Abandoned Cart concept if A shipping cart is In-active is sudden time, then it becomes called Abandoned Cart.

At Magento, if anything update happens then the update_at of quote table will update at.

So, you need to get a quote collection where updated_at field value 24hrs before. and using cron clear that quote collection.

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Try this:

 * @var \Magento\Checkout\Model\Cart
protected $cart;

public function __construct(\Magento\Checkout\Model\Cart $cart)
    $this->cart = $cart;

public function execute()
    // Truncate the cart items
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