I need to optimized my answer.

$start=2019-05-18 00:00:01;
$end=2019-05-18 23:59:59;

$customers = Mage::getModel('customer/customer')->getCollection()
    ->addFieldToFilter('created_at', array("gteq" => $greaterOrEqualDate))
    ->addAttributeToFilter('is_xyz_email_sent', array('neq' => 1));;

foreach ($customers as $customer){
    $lastOrder = Mage::getModel('sales/order')->getCollection()


    if($lastOrder->getCustomerEmail() && $lastOrder->getCreatedAt() >= $start && $lastOrder->getCreatedAt() <= $end) {


        if($unsubModule->getSize()==0) {
            array_push($customerArr, $lastOrder->getCustomerEmail());


This gives me right output but I need it optimized way because I m working with large database


You can try with flat sql query something like below,

select e.*,sfoi.* from sales_flat_order e
inner join sales_flat_order_item sfoi on (e.entity_id=sfoi.order_id)
where e.customer_email = '$customer->getEmail()';
  • No @Vitts this will not give exact output what I want. I tried, Can you please more explain – Inzamam Waikar Aug 19 '19 at 15:58

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