I am using PUT request to change name of product entity id 1 in Magento 1.8. I am using below details while using PUT request:

A. Oauth1.0 key credentials like secret key, etc

B. Headers:

Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

C. Body:


D. url:


When I use POST request, I am getting below error:

{"messages":{"error":[{"code":400,"message":"Content-Type header is empty"}]}}

Please advise on where am I making mistake. I have searched at many places but I am unable to get it done.



Someone advise me to add Content-Length in the header. So I used POSTMAN to add it as REST Client was denying me to use it.

In POSTMAN, when I do not use Content-Length, it throws same error but when I use Content-Length in the header, it keeps running for sometime. Finally I had to cancel the request manually to stop it.

Please advise on how to make a successful PUT request.

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