I'm using Magento 2.2.7, I enabled Captcha in Store->Configuration->Customer configuration->Captcha Enabled for create user and forgot password forms.

Captcha always displaying incorrect even I used correct letters. After I clicked reload captcha and try again it is working.

I know it is fixed in Magento 2.3.X. But I need to fix in Magento 2.2.7 version. Is there any way to fix this without using jQuery trigger click event.

  • You can upgrade the Captcha to the latest version to fix this issue. – Sumit Aug 16 '19 at 9:31
  • Ahh.....Is it possible to upgrade captcha module alone? – Ranganathan Aug 16 '19 at 9:32
  • Yes, it is possible via composer. – Sumit Aug 16 '19 at 9:32
  • Will try and let you know – Ranganathan Aug 16 '19 at 9:34

You can update the MSP Recaptcha to the latest version 2.1.2 by running the following command in the terminal.

composer require msp/recaptcha:2.1.2
php bin/magento s:up

Hope it helps!!!

  • Is it compatible with Magento 2.2.7? – Ranganathan Aug 16 '19 at 10:10
  • Yes, you can try it on your local. – Sumit Aug 16 '19 at 10:12
  • I need to explore what the exact issue is....pls let me know – Ranganathan Aug 16 '19 at 13:30
  • you can compare the extension files for old and newer version to check the issue. – Sumit Aug 16 '19 at 13:31
  • I can't find the fix in latest module-captcha extension....If you aware of it please share the explainations – Ranganathan Aug 21 '19 at 12:56

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