I just have this button here in the Catalog > Products page

I just want to be able to remove/hide it programmatically.

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  • Can you please provide more infomation? as from what you have put you want to remove the filters from the product grid within the admin – Dava Gordon Aug 14 at 14:57
  • That's correct, I just want to hide/remove the button. – davidelias16 Aug 15 at 4:41

you can rewrite product_listing.xml.


remove code in the product_listing.xml:

<filters name="listing_filters">
            <filterSelect name="store_id" provider="${ $.parentName }">
                    <options class="Magento\Store\Ui\Component\Listing\Column\Store\Options"/>
                    <caption translate="true">All Store Views</caption>
                    <label translate="true">Store View</label>
  • never edit vendor, as next time you run composer update the file changed will be reveted. if your going to impliment this id suggest you create a module under app and do it that way – Dava Gordon yesterday

Search for this button code in phtml , where it is rendered. Create simple module: 1.add to system.xml select with yes /no. 2.create helper, that will check this setting. 3.add your helper to phtml file. 4. Add a construction if with checking your value from admin configuration ( this is doing by helper). And check - if in admin it is value = 1(yes,hide it) , u should not render it.

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