I don't understand getResponse and getRequest functions of the Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Action class.


See below an explanation of getUrl function!



getRequest() & getResponse() are basic functions that returns the Request & Response models for the current instance of page load.

More Clarification on getRequest() - Basically whenever you invoke a page via Controllers Action, you may pass some data as a Request(eg: Form data to save, Record Id to fetch information etc). This is nothing but request params to server for performing certain action. These all requested information goes within a Request Model. In controller action you can get these params as


More Clarification on getResponse() - Basically whenever you invoke a page via Controllers Action, you may expect some sort of response(eg: HTML content of page, JSON response format etc). This is nothing but response from server on calling a action. These all response information goes within a Response Model. In controller action you can set/update response as

$this->getResponse()->setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json', true)->setBody(json_encode($result));

Add-On Bonus Knowledge: ;)

More Clarification on getUrl() - Mage::getUrl() returns the Base Url of the website. You can pass params to get specific Url for any module, controller & action. Eg: You wanna get URL for Registration page, so you will call as Mage::getUrl("customer/account/create"). This will return full Url to Registration page. Pattern is <module>/<controller>/<action>.

You can pass * in case you wanna use current entity like module,controller or action. * will get replaced with current path. Eg: Consider you are now in customer/account/login action. Following will be output for getUrl() from this action.

Mage::getUrl()             -- <Base_Url>
Mage::getUrl("*")          -- <Base_Url>/customer/
Mage::getUrl("*/*")        -- <Base_Url>/customer/account/
Mage::getUrl("*/*/*")      -- <Base_Url>/customer/account/login/
Mage::getUrl("*/*/create") -- <Base_Url>/customer/account/create/

Hope it finds you helpful.

  • oh nice thanks ! I don't understand another function.. getUrl('*/*') what is the meaning of this parameter ?? – – Theo Cerutti Aug 14 at 11:08
  • @TheoCerutti I have updated my answer for getUrl(). Please go through it. – Abdul Pathan Aug 14 at 12:24

getRequest: this function used for get request parameter suppose if you are submitting a form and u want to get those submitted data then u have to use getRequest method for same.

getResponse : by using this function you redirect to any page etc.

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