I try to modify some text in the order_new.html if the customer pay by a custom payment method.

For example, if he pay with 'tati' payment method, I want to remove a sentence of the mail template.

Can I do that, I try to add conditions on the template but it doesn't work..


  • please attach your code Aug 14, 2019 at 9:44

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Instead of adding condition directly in the email template, you can replace your "sentence" with a block:

{{block class='Magento\\Framework\\View\\Element\\Template' area='frontend' template='Vendor_Module::email/order/info.phtml' order=$order}}

Then in your template email/order/info.phtml, you can use the condition however you want:

if ($this->getData('order')->getPayment()->getMethod() != 'tati') {
    echo __('The sentence you want to show to any payment method but "tati"');

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