I like to retrieve compared product collections in homepage template. Is there any method to retrieve the data?


Please try with below code :

public function __construct(
    \Magento\Catalog\CustomerData\CompareProducts $compareProducts
) {
    $this->compareProducts = $compareProducts;

    * Get current compare product list
public function getCompareList(){
    return $this->compareProducts->getSectionData();

create one phtml file and then load in homepage container via xml.

    $compareObject = $block->getCompareList();
<div class="compare-items">
<?php foreach($compareObject['items'] as $comparelist){                        
    <div class="compProd">
        <a class="closeComp" data-href="<?php echo $block->getBaseUrl() ?>ajaxcompare/compare/remove/" data-compare="<?php echo $comparelist['id']; ?>">x</a>
        <span class="gBold cmPrd"><?php echo $comparelist['name']; ?></span>
<?php } ?>

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