Extensions Amasty Advance Search Amasty Elastic Search Elasticsearch 5.1

Apache 2.4 PHP 7.1

The search box in my theme stays opened after I upgraded to Magento Community Edit 2.2.9 and has become all disorientated

the error I see in Chrome is

Unable to resolve the source file for frontend/Sm/topshop/en_GB/Magento_Catalog/js/product/storage/storage-service.js

When I check the location in my theme the public_html/pub/static/frontend/Sm/topshop/en_US/Magento_Catalog/js/product

The files that use to be there before the upgrade and were being generated are no longer there or being created these are

data-storage.js ids-storage-compare.js ids-storage.js storage-service.js

I been checking all day but can not find any solution

I have done


Static Content Deploy

Clear and Flushed All caches

but issue remains

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