I recently migrated customers from Magento to 2.3.1 then my magento 1 customers are not able to login getting error like:

Error : The account sign-in was incorrect or your account is disabled temporarily.Please wait and try again later

sometime bellow error also

 Error : 'Invalid login or password.'

I tried to upgrade customer has using command but also getting error like

php -f bin/magento customer:hash:upgrade
Error :Notice: Undefined index: 0:1 in /var/www/html/vendor/magento/framework/Encryption/Encryptor.php on line 198

anyone have idea how to fixed this ?

  • I get same error but website_id is propulated correctly.. any other ideas? – Nath Aug 16 '19 at 9:08

after lots of debugging finally, I got issue actually website_id is null in customer_entity table so while Magento tries to authenticate customer it throws an exception "No such Entity..." so customer login not working and it shows an error. so I just assign website id and issue fixed .

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