My requirement is something out of the box of magento.

Actually I am maintaining custom table for product prices with currency codes.

So in the header I have drop down to select country, based on the country selected I am fetching the relevant price of the product from the custom table and displaying in detail page.

Table structure is like below,

SKU price currency

123 150 USD

123 300 INR

123 200 GBP

So whenever product is added to cart, I am updating the custom price for that product from the table mentioned above.

I am looking for solution for below scenario.

Suppose user selected Currency INR and added the product to cart, so 1 product in the cart INR, later if he change the currency to GBP.

The currency symbol should change to GBP symbol(No conversion required),

The Base currency in admin is set as Indian Rupee.

Is something like that can be achieved? What i am looking here is the symbol should change to the selected country in all the pages of the website.

Anyone help me on this functionality. Thanks!!!

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