I wanted to delete a wrong credit memo so I deleted the wrong credit memo entry from sales_creditmemo and sales_creditmemo_grid. The listing of grid and credit memo is gone but when I view my order I could see refunded amount and comments about refund and the status of some product can also be seen as refunded .

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So can someone explain what else I have to delete to completely get rid of credit memo information and also what is magento way of deleting a credit memo, does even magento provide a way to delete credit memo?

  • The answer your looking for is in the sales_order table you need to make sure columns related to refund are set to null and 0 as for the comment you can remove this in sales_order_status_history – Dava Gordon Aug 21 at 10:09

Create Custom Script Like This :-

\Magento\Sales\Model\OrderFactory $orderFactory

 $orderId = '1234546';

$order = $this->orderFactory->create()->load($orderId);

$_creditmemos = $this->Order()->getCreditmemosCollection();

          foreach($_creditmemos as $_creditmemo){

You Can Download Module For Delete Credit Memo :-

delete credit memo

  • @rathod thanks for the script , i deleted it through mysql by i guess this will be a much better way , will it also revert the status of refunded from the products whose status changes by creating credit memo ? – Kumar Aug 13 at 4:55

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