I use MageSetup to configure German taxes.

Extension allows to set up customer tax classes:
Customers (EU - 19%, Other - 0%)
Companies with VAT (EU - 19%, Other - 0%)
Companies without VAT (All countries 0%)

But my Client wants that Companies with VAT should have taxes only in DE(19%) and other countries(including EU) 0%.

The thing is that customer should work according to general laws. I have a link to new law description.

Shouldn't MageSetup be updated according to this law?

The problem is that I did not found how(using extension and not manually) to configure tax rule only for one country.

I can first set up everything that allows extension and after write upgrade script. But it should be executed only after MageRun (manualy) configure store.

  • Personally I've had nothing but trouble with MageSetup and thus I can not recommend using it at all.
    – tecjam
    Commented Sep 22, 2015 at 11:48

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If we take MageSetup byside, you can easily remove the 0% rate for DE and replace it with the 19% rate in the tax rule.

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