We have just moved to Stackpath and now our payments are failing. I can see the requests hitting the server:

[08/Aug/2019:09:27:41 +0000] "POST/worldpay/processing/response...

I have enabled the debug logs and can see the error message below:

Worldpay response error: Domain can't be validated as WorldPay-Domain.
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I think this will be because magento is failing to determine the "remote address"

// validate request ip coming from WorldPay/RBS subnet
        $helper = Mage::helper('core/http');
        if (method_exists($helper, 'getRemoteAddr')) {
            $remoteAddr = $helper->getRemoteAddr();
        } else {
            $request = $this->getRequest()->getServer();
            $remoteAddr = $request['REMOTE_ADDR'];
        if (!preg_match('/\.worldpay\.com$/', gethostbyaddr($remoteAddr))) {
            Mage::throwException('Domain can\'t be validated as WorldPay-Domain.');

This can be fixed by adding the stackpath "REAL ID" header into your config.
If you edit the file app/etc/local.xml and add:


Inside config->global Then refresh your cache "remote address" should now be correct.

You can test this by placing the file test-remote-address.php

define('MAGENTO_ROOT', getcwd());
$mageFilename = MAGENTO_ROOT . '/app/Mage.php';
require MAGENTO_ROOT . '/app/bootstrap.php';
require_once $mageFilename;

echo 'address: '.Mage::helper('core/http')->getRemoteAddr();

In your web root then requesting it with your browser. You will notice that after updating app/etc/local.xml it will be correct.
Be sure to remove this file once you are happy

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