I am trying to get the items of the cart as well as the customer ID in my Module. But the problem is that I don't know how to get the customer ID properly.

In the Moment I have this Code and it works:

// Get all
$objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance();
$cart = $objectManager->get('\Magento\Checkout\Model\Cart');

// retrieve quote items collection
$itemsCollection = $cart->getQuote()->getItemsCollection();

// get array of all items what can be display directly
$itemsVisible = $cart->getQuote()->getAllVisibleItems();

// retrieve quote items array
$items = $cart->getQuote()->getAllItems();

foreach($items as $item) {
    echo 'ID: '.$item->getProductId().'<br />';
    echo 'Name: '.$item->getName().'<br />';
    echo 'Sku: '.$item->getSku().'<br />';
    echo 'Quantity: '.$item->getQty().'<br />';
    echo 'Price: '.$item->getPrice().'<br />';
    echo "<br />";

Now, what do I need to add to get the Customer ID?


This should be the right code:

$customerSession = $objectManager->create("Magento\Customer\Model\Session");

  echo $customerSession->getCustomerId();

By using this great code it should work.

Therefore, the customer ID will get returned to you.

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Please try with below code...

$customerSession = $objectManager->create("Magento\Customer\Model\Session");

  echo $customerSession->getCustomerId();

I hope its work for you.

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    Thank you very much, it works. You are the best. – felix Aug 8 at 6:55
  • Using observer, how to do that? – zus Aug 8 at 7:04
  • using observer, also try same code. – Anas Mansuri Aug 8 at 7:05

You can try this code:

public function getCustomerId(){
    $session = $this->objectManager->get('Magento\Customer\Model\Session');    
    return $session->getCustomer()->getId();

Here, firstly you need to check customer is logged in or not:

$objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance();
$customerSession = $objectManager->get('Magento\Customer\Model\Session');
if($customerSession->isLoggedIn()) {
echo 'Customer ID: '.$this->getCustomerId();   

Hope this will be better solution.


You can use method getCustomerSession() in \Magento\Checkout\Model\Cart to get customer data.

$cart = $objectManager->get('\Magento\Checkout\Model\Cart');
$customerId = $cart->getCustomerSession()->getCustomerId();

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