i need image in this url above the products https://vitalticks.com/new-offer-zone.html For reference please find the below link https://pinkblue.in/special-offers/weekly-premium-deals.html

  • Can you please elaborate your issue
    – Mitali
    Aug 7, 2019 at 10:10

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I am guessing you want to add a banner above the products?

  • If so, navigate to Admin -> Catalog -> Categories
  • On category section (right hand side), select category you wish to add the banner to.
  • In the "Content" tab, click on "upload" next to "category Image"
  • Upload your image and save the category.

After reading your question, I think that you are asking about the image which is displayed on the top off all products. Actually that image is the category image which you can add from the backend as follows.

  • Catalog->Categories->Edit New Offer Zone Category->Content->Add the category Image->Save Your Category

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