I created a custom magento 2 form. As far as saving, I would like to take the modified value in the save.php of the controller. Is there any method I can use?

This is my save.php controller

namespace Vendor\Module\Controller\Adminhtml\Index;

class Save extends \Magento\Backend\App\Action

const ADMIN_RESOURCE = 'Index';

protected $resultPageFactory;
protected $contactFactory;

public function __construct(
    \Magento\Backend\App\Action\Context $context,
    \Magento\Framework\View\Result\PageFactory $resultPageFactory,
    \Vendor\Module\Model\ProfileFactory $contactFactory
    $this->resultPageFactory = $resultPageFactory;
    $this->contactFactory = $contactFactory;

public function execute()
    $resultRedirect = $this->resultRedirectFactory->create();
    $data = $this->getRequest()->getPostValue();

    $formKey = $data['form_key'];
    $data = $data['info']['manage_profile'];
    $data['form_key'] = $formKey;


            $id = $data['profile_id'];

            $contact = $this->contactFactory->create()->load($id);

            $data = array_filter($data, function($value) {return $value !== ''; });

            $this->messageManager->addSuccess(__("Profilo {$data['name']} salvato con successo"));
            return $resultRedirect->setPath('*/*/');
        catch(\Exception $d)
            return $resultRedirect->setPath('*/*/edit', ['id' => $contact->getId()]);

    return $resultRedirect->setPath('*/*/');


Instead of $data = $this->getRequest()->getPostValue();

I would like to use a method to get all the values modified in the form`


You can check the changed data by adding this code before the $contact->save().

$diff = array_diff_assoc($contact->getOrigData(), $contact->getData());
  • What I was looking for, thanks! – Mastafis Aug 6 '19 at 9:17

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