I have WordPress expertise. But I need to learn magento from beginner level. Please give me anyone a proper link where I can get the updated Tutorial For Magento. It should be free of cost.



Before starting to learn any platform, you first need to know what are the basic concepts of that platform.

There are plenty of tutorials and blogs which can help you learn Magento 2 easily, but first, you need the basic things which are required before proceeding to the advanced lessons.

Below are some of them:

  • Installation of Magento
  • Admin Configuration
  • The folder structure of Magento themes
  • The folder structure of Magento modules
  • EAV concept
  • Observer, Plugin, and Class Override. Which is better to use in which cases
  • Dependency injection and what are its advantages
  • Basic commands used in Magento 2
  • Steps to create frontend and backend modules
  • Steps to create and customize Magento themes

Below is a small list from where you can learn Magento 2:

Apart from these, you can keep an eye on https://magento.stackexchange.com latest questions for updates.

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You can't get everything to know about Magento for free from one place but you can search through the various site. Here are the sites I would recommend

magento-2-create-basic-module-part-1 by qaisarsatti

rakeshjesadiya blog

All Video Tutorials - devdocs magento

magento2-tutorial for certification


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Magento Has Two Type of Development

  1. Module Development
  2. Project

For Module Module Development

Here Are Tutorials By MagePlaza

Or if you want Video Tutorials You can Follow

This GUy Max Pronko YouTube

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